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Clearly written and fully illustrated throughout 'Chronic Pelvic Pain and Dysfunction: Practical Physical Medicine' offers practical comprehensive coverage of the subject area accompanied by a range of video clips on a bonus DVD. Prepared by editors of international renown the book provides clear anatomical descriptions of the structures relevant to the genesis of pelvic pain followed by the current perspectives on the neurological basis of pain including the influence of psychophysiology. Chapters then address physiological mechanisms for pain generation; including musculoskeletal causes and the role of sport in the evolution of chronic pelvic pain and the influence of gender on pelvic pain syndromes including hormonal imbalance pregnancy and labour. Having guided the practitioner through a clinical reasoning process to help establish the differential diagnosis of chronic pelvic pain the volume addresses the range of therapeutic options available. This includes medical management the role of nutrition in the control of inflammatory processes the use of breathing techniques in the relief of pain and anxiety as well as the involvement of biofeedback mechanisms in diagnosis and treatment. The use of soft-tissue manipulation approaches pelvic floor manual therapy release techniques and osteopathic approaches are also considered along with the use of dry needling electrotherapy and hydrotherapy. 'Chronic Pelvic Pain and Dysfunction: Practical Physical Medicine' offers practical validated and clinically relevant information to all practitioners and therapists working in the field of chronic pelvic pain and will be ideal for physiotherapists osteopathic physicians and osteopaths medical pain specialists urologists urogynaecologists chiropractors manual therapists acupuncturists massage therapists and naturopaths worldwide.