2018 Hot Products Humphrey's Tiny Tales 3: My Creepy-Crawly Camping Adventure! (Paperback) by Birney Betty G. rRi6pqdS

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Product Description:

Dear friends I Love-Love-Love sharing my adventures as a classroom hamster with all my friends. But sometimes my paw gets tired from so much writing

To give it a rest I've written some shorter tales that are every bit as funny and exciting as my According to Humphrey books. They're called Humphrey's Tiny Tales and they've even got illustrations

(I'm quite pleased at how cute I look in the pictures.) I'm unsqueakably excited to share my new stories with you and I think Humphrey fans and new younger readers will be excited too

Your furry friend Humphrey My Creepy-Crawly Camping Adventure In this new Tiny Tale Humphrey joins his friends from Room 26 on a camping adventure in the garden. But when night falls Humphrey hears a spooky howling noise - could there be creepy-crawly creatures outside his tent? When Humphrey plucks up the courage to investigate he discovers some Big-Big-Big surprises

This title is illustrated throughout with black and white line illustrations by Penny Dann.