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Electronic Inspection Copy available for instructors here Although communication is central to the humanities and social sciences the inter-cultural level is often peculiarly left out of accounts. So what is intercultural communication? How does it relate to global processes and questions of identity? This comprehensive book examines the main features of intercultural communication. It critically examines the main positions in the field. It addresses intercultural communication within the context of global politics. It seeks to address the specific problems that derive from Western ideology and it sets out an agenda for research. The book investigates categories of cultural action and itemizes the machinery for the illumination of inter-cultural processes. Holliday shows how a dialogue between national structures and creative universal cultural skills can be carried on in new locations. He relates intercultural communication to the topics of multiculturalism cosmopolitanism and globalization. The book addresses how ideology permeates inter-cultural processes and develops an alternative 'grammar' of culture. Insightful bold and inspirational the book is a landmark contribution to the field.