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Users demand applications that are well behaved good-looking and easy to use. Your clients or managers demand originality and a short time to market. The good news? UI technology has evolved into a set of best practices and reusable ideas for a wide range of interactive applications today. And Designing Interfaces is a bestseller because it's one of the few reliable resources available to guide you. This book captures UI best practices as design patterns -- solutions to common design problems tailored to the situation at hand. The updated edition now includes patterns for mobile apps social networks and search interfaces as well as web applications and desktop software. Each pattern contains examples in full color and practical advice that you can put to use immediately. * Design engaging and usable interfaces with more confidence and less guesswork * Learn key design concepts that are often misunderstood such as affordances visual hierarchy navigational distance and the use of color * Get recommendations for using specific UI patterns along with alternatives and warnings on when not to use them * Learn concrete UI ideas that you can mix and recombine as you see fit Experienced designers can use Designing Interfaces as a sourcebook of ideas. Novice designers will find a roadmap to the world of interface and interaction design with enough guidance to start using these patterns right away.