Meget billig Riddlers (Paperback) by Braund Steven Braund Steven bArGo22v

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Product Description:

A menacing sequence of drawings is accompanied by a hand-drawn poetic text which seems to explore the awakening from a dream. A work of graphic literature. 'I wanted to return to the simple pleasure of pencil drawing. The story developed on its own as the drawings appeared; suggesting what eventually seemed a fully formed whole (to me anyway). Im always amazed at how different people see different things when they view/read the same work. In this case Im happy with the feeling of ambiguity as the piece is meant to function in a poetic way. It attempts to present something about the interdependent relationship of good and evil and of our deep state of unconsciousness; we are asleep. Beyond that I would rather let it speak for itself otherwise I would have just written a description of the idea instead.' -- Steve Braund