Moderne Spit and Polish: Old-Fashioned Ways to Banish Dirt Dust and Decay (Hardcover) by Lethbridge Lucy We2uH5Qk

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In the late nineteenth century general housework in the British home was so labour intensive that it required an army of servants to undertake it. Since then the ways in which we look after our homes may have changed dramatically but the best and simplest of methods from that time still work for us today. From floor to ceiling and leaving no awkward corner untouched here are the tricks and techniques that generations once took for granted distilled for modern use: how to get rid of water marks or heat rings on polished wood; the antibacterial qualities of simple vinegar; the damp cloth versus the dry duster; and using lemon juice to clear limescale. Combining fascinating 'below-stairs' social history with startling facts and useful tips Lucy Lethbridge restores fast-disappearing skills to keep at bay dust rust mildew stains and pests. Here beautifully illustrated and entertainingly presented are a bygone era's keys to a clean house.