Ny pop We Have Nothing to Lose but Our Fear: Activism and Resistance in Dangerous Times (Paperback) by Jeffries Fiona CWA9Y10c

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Our 24/7 lives are saturated with round-the-clock fear. Scare-tactic headlines fill our homes and our public spaces. If it's not the war on terror it's the new war on the middle class. Crisis is the new black as catastrophe after casualty after crash shape the order of the day. Nothing to Lose But Our Fear delivers a counter blow to this rampant culture of fear fuelled by the likes of CNN Fox and the Daily Mail. Exploring contemporary and historical manifestations of this controlling force the conversations in this collection go beyond just scrutinizing what constitutes rational versus irrational fear or identifying ways in which human fears are manipulated by political players. They reveal how fear antagonizes and changes our subjectivity and crucially how the political use of fear has been resisted in different times and places by different people across the globe.