Ny tilføjelse The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Lancaster Bomber: The History of Britain's Greatest Night Bomber of World War II in More Than 275 Photographs (Paperback) by Cawthorne Nigel J7AfaKAV

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This title tells the story of the greatest night bomber of World War II illustrated with over 275 photographs. It takes you through the design development construction and history of the Lancaster as well as its role in the major battles of the war. It includes first-hand accounts from people who lived through the war in Germany and in Britain as well as profiles of the pilots who flew and fought over Europe. Stunning photographs of the planes themselves and of the destruction wrought on its target cities bring the devastating power of these machines to life. It features a fascinating and engaging narrative written by a leading military history expert. 'The Lancaster Bomber' led the air offensive in the darkest days of World War II. This book describes how the plane was developed to fit into an entirely new role in warfare and explains how the Lancaster could take the war to the enemy to devastating effect. Also covered is the production of the plane and the modifications made throughout its lifetime. This book shows what it was like to fly a Lancaster over the flak-filled skies of Nazi Germany and lists where surviving planes can be seen today. This fascinating text is the ultimate reference for anybody with an interest in military history or aviation.