Smuk og holdbar A Most Diabolical Deed by Farrell Elaine JmcjImov

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Winner of the NUI Publication Prize in Irish History 2015. This book examines the phenomenon of infanticide in Ireland from 1850 to 1900 examining a sample of 4645 individual cases of infant murder attempted infanticide and concealment of birth. Evidence for this study has been gleaned from a variety of sources including court documents coroners' records prison files parliamentary papers and newspapers. Through these sources many of which are rarely used by scholars attitudes towards the crime the women accused of the offence and the victim are revealed. Although infant murder was a capital offence during this period none of the women found guilty of the crime were executed suggesting a degree of sympathy and understanding towards the accused. Infanticide cases also allude to complex dynamics and tensions between employers and servants parents and pregnant daughters judges and defendants and prison authorities and inmates. This book highlights much about the lived realities of nineteenth-century Ireland.