enestående The Making of Indian Diplomacy: A Critique of Eurocentrism by Datta-Ray Deep 9OZwrqDF

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Diplomacy is conventionally understood as an authentic European invention which was internationalised during colonialism. For Indians the moment of colonial liberation was a false dawn because the colonised had internalised a European logic and performed European practices. Implicit in such a reading is the enduring centrality of Europe to understanding Indian diplomacy. This Eurocentric discourse renders two possibilities impossible: that diplomacy may have Indian origins and that they offer un-theorised potentialities. Abandoning this Eurocentric model of diplomacy Deep Datta-Ray recognises the legitimacy of independent Indian diplomacy and brings new practices. He creates a conceptual space for Indian diplomacy to exist forefronting civilisational analysis and its focus on continuities but refraining from devaluing transformational change.