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Product Description:

What do you miss when you don't have siblings? The Only Child Club aims to find out the good and bad things about not having to compete or share with a brother or sister. It is a perfectly observed story of human behaviour. Ryan wants to start a club. An Only Child Club. He knows that as an only child he doesn't always have the same experiences as some of his classmates. He recruits two similarly deprived friends who join him in an experimental few days of constant bickering fighting over who gets the free gift from the cereal box and spending a whole day making a model only to have it destroyed. Having had a taste of what it's like to have siblings the club is happily disbanded and the trio realizes that friends are nearly as good as having brothers and sisters - and often less annoying

This title is written by an award-winning author with an international reputation who is a long-established UK favourite. Anne Fine has a gift for recognizing and conveying the subtleties of children's desires and emotions. This title offers engaging subject matter that is told with great humour and appeal.