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The KdF car a German acronym for Strength Through Joy was conceived by Adolf Hitler's Third Reich as a true German 'people's car'. There is precious little in the legacy of 1930s Nazi Germany that is positive but after the Second World war - and with a little help from the British - the Volks Wagen really did help put the average man on the road in a car designed by the great Ferdinand Porsche that was reliable and well-built. First it set benchmarks for customer satisfaction across Europe and sales soared. Then it arrived in North America and the slope-backed rear-engined economy car became a cult hit. By the time the very last original Beetle was built in 2003 over 21m had been built making it by a long chalk the best-selling single car model of all time. Although its concept is dated by modern standards the Beetle magic is undimmed which is why Volkswagen introduced an all-new modern Beetle in 1998. It has carved out a niche as a distinctive and eye-catching car in a world of automotive clones.