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This third edition of Sociology of Religion introduces students to key principles in the sociological understanding of religion with revisions and updates throughout. The book offers an overview of the nature and function of religious institutions and practices asking sociological questions about the changing role of religion in today's 'post-traditional' world. After an introduction to the many facets of religion and key theories for its study the book examines central themes such as changes in religious life in the United States; the intersections between religion social class and power and between gender sexuality and religion; globalization and religion; religion in mass media; and more. The third edition features new material on the relationship of race and ethnicity to religion the perceived rises of both secularism and fundamentalism and the role of religion in public debates on sexuality. Sociology of Religion addresses both the foundations of the field and the profound changes it has undergone placing new examples against their historical background. Charts photos down-to-earth examples and a readable style make the book an ideal introduction for students.